Joe Satriani & Eric Johnson & Steve Vai [G3 Live In Concert 1996](DVD–ISO4.11G)



世纪吉他天王群起交锋 缔造传奇惊世乐章 乔沙翠亚尼、艾瑞克强森、史帝夫范 Joe Satriani、Eric Johnson、Steve Vai



这一次的现场是Joe Satriani与Steve Vai师徒俩和John Petrucci
3位至强结他手:Joe Satriani,Steve Vai及John Petrucci,组成最新G3,于日本东京举行音乐会。现场实况现推出DVD:“Live In Tokyo”。各自及合力演奏11首摇滚曲目,超技术表现。 

     The summit meeting of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson was a dream come true for guitar fanatics, and surprisingly, it actually met expectations. The trio toured successfully as G3 in 1996, which is when the recordings that comprise Live in Concert were made. Each guitarist has three solo tracks, and they perform together for three tracks. What makes the album work is that it's not simply a shredding showcase; it's a forum for three similarly minded guitarists to play in a sympathetic environment. Contrary to popular belief (at least among certain rock critics), these guitarists aren't simply speed and style demons, they're fully rounded musicians -- and that's ultimately what impresses about Live in Concert. On the individual tracks and the massive jam sessions alike, they know how to deploy their speed-bomb attacks for maximum attack. It is true that when all three cut loose on "Going Down," "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama," and "Red House," it's a little overwhelming, but even at their most extravagant, G3 is tasteful and that's what makes this record a minor treasure for hard rock guitar fanatics.


1 Cool No. 9_史蒂夫 范
2 Flying In A Blue Dream_史蒂夫 范
3 Summer Song_史蒂夫 范
4 Zap_史蒂夫 范
5 Manhatten_史蒂夫 范
6 Camel's Night Out_史蒂夫 范
7 Answers_史蒂夫 范
8 For The Love Of God_史蒂夫 范
9 The Attitude Song_史蒂夫 范
10 Going Down_史蒂夫 范
11 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama_史蒂夫 范
12 Red House_史蒂夫 范


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