Francis Rossi - Live At St. Luke's London 2006《BDMV 20.8G》

英文片名:Francis Rossi: Live at St. Luke's London
中文片名:演唱会 (2006)
类       型:音乐
地       区:英国
文件大小:20.81 GB, 蓝光原盘 1080i
音       轨:英语 LPCM 2.0
字       幕:无字幕

Original title: Francis Rossi - Live At St. Luke’s London
Year: 2010/2011
Genre: rock, hard rock, rock and roll, blues rock
Cast and Crew: Francis ROSSI - guitar, vocals, Paul HIRSH - guitar, keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals, Nicholas ROSSI - guitar, backing vocals, Freddie EDWARDS- guitar, backing vocals, Leon CAVE - drums, Gary TWIGG - bass, Amy SMITH - backing vocals, Amber ZAKATEK - backing vocals, Emily BARTON - backing vocals

• Being his first solo-tour, Francis presents his wonderfully characteristic voice to London at St. Luke’s. This live show features songs from his album "One Step At A Time", and includes not only Status Quo classics like ‘Caroline’, ‘My Little Heartbreaker’, and ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ but also hissolo songs like "Crazy For You", "One Step At A Time" and "Sleeping On The Job". Showing his true talent, and being one of the best rockers of our time, he truly demonstrates not only his brilliant song-writing talents, but also his wonderful way with his music and performance skills.

“I never stop writing songs and melodies but there have been many tracks over the years that just weren’t right for Quo. These songs have been gathering dust in my mind for too long and now seems the right time to let them out into the world. It’s a big step for me – I love these songs so much it hurts!” -Francis Rossi-

1. Caroline (Shuffle Version)
2. Claudie
3. All We Really Wanna Do
4. You’ll Come Round
5. Crazy For You
6. Old Time Rock And Roll
7. Strike Light Lightning
8. Tallulah’s Waiting
9. Tongue Tied
10. Blessed are the Meek
11. My Little Heartbreaker
12. Electric Arena
13. One Step at a Time
14. Marguerita Time
15. Rolling Down The Road
16. Diggin’ Burt Bacharach
17. Sleeping On The Job
18. Twenty Wild Horses
19. Can’t Give You More
20. Don’t Waste My Time
• Behind the scenes documentary featuring rehearsals, band interviews and soundcheck
• "Faded Memory" video

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