Bad Dreams - Live From The Edge 2017 [BDMV 23GB]

Genre: Neo-Progressive Rock
Quality: Blu-Ray | 1080i
Format: M2TS | 34.9Mbps
Length: 01:23:26 | 23.01Gb
Video: H.264 | 1920x1080 | 16:9 | 29.970fps
Audio 1: LPCM | 2304kbps | 48kHz | 2 channels: L R
Audio 2: AC3 | 448kbps | 48kHz | 6 channels: Front: L C R, Surround: L R
Audio 3: DTS-HD MA | 4650kbps | 48kHz | 6 channels: Front: L C R, Surround: L R
Audio 4: LPCM | 1536kbps | 48kHz | 2 channels: L R
Language: English

Description: Latin-American progressive rock stalwarts Bad Dreams took The Pool Stage during their presentation aboard the prestigious Cruise to the Edge 2017 celebration with one goal in mind: to prove in front of one of the most knowledgeable audiences in the world that their reputation as a magnificent bad was a well-earned one, going above and beyond their myriad of collaborations with prog-rock luminaries like Steve Hackett and Steve Rothery amongst many others.

Over the course of the next hour, the enthusiastic crowd witnessed a showpiece of what this band is capable of: brilliant, moving and also extremely well-crafted melodies in a classic and emotional progressive rock setting, played by consummated musicians that have total control over their instruments, and wrapped with the heartwarming and powerful voice of Gabriel Agudo. An exemplary display of emotionally-drenched modern prog-rock that is now presented to you in all its original glory.


01. Samurai Of The Rising Sun
02. The Hunters
03. A Trick Of A Wind
04. A Good Man
05. Closer
06. Fallen
07. Song For Augusto
08. Deja Vu
09. End Credits


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