ZZ Top 蒙特勒现场音乐会 ZZ Top.Live at Montreux 2013《BDMV 27G》

英文片名 :ZZ Top.Live at Montreux 2013
中文片名 :ZZ Top 蒙特勒现场音乐会 2013
类       型  :音乐
地       区  :美国
文件大小 :27G, 蓝光原盘 1080i
文件格式 :BDMV
音       轨  : DTS-HD Master Audio , LPCM
字       幕  :无字幕


 With an unchanged line-up stretching back to 1969 and global album sales in excess of 50 million, ZZ Top continue to delight fans around the world with brilliant live concerts and great music. The band has made a number of visits to Montreux over the years, and this concert from the 2013 Festival is undoubtedly one of their finest live performances. The set list blends tracks from early seventies albums such as 'Tres Hombre' and 'Fandango' through their eighties blockbuster period with Eliminator and Afterburner and up to their most recent release and return to their blues roots with 'La Futura'. The middle section of the concert features a jazz-blues tribute to the late Montreux Festival founder Claude Nobs with guest appearances by Mike Flanigin on Hammond Organ and Van Wilks on guitar. ZZ Top, the 'lil' ol 'band from Texas, are rocking the blues as strongly as ever!

      Group Member(乐队成员):JonesFrank Beard Billy Gibbons Dusty Hill
      Styles(音乐风格):Hard Rock, Blues-Rock硬摇滚,布鲁斯摇滚
      这个颇具实力的蓝调摇滚乐队由吉他手Billy Gibbons、贝司手Dusty Hill、鼓手Frank Beard组成。三位一体的长胡子和高尔夫帽是他们音乐之外的明显标志。在ZZ Top最初出版的两张唱片中,充分表现出了德州音乐的幽默风格,其中音乐风格上的蓝调情结也一览无遗,合成器的潜能的发挥,更突出了他们音乐的优势。

◎曲      目:

01. Got me under pressure
02. Waitin 'for the bus
03. Jesus just left Chicago
04. Gimme all your lovin '
05. Pincushion
06. I gotsta get paid
07. Flyin 'high
08. Kiko
09. I loved the woman
10. Foxey Lady
11. My head's in Mississippi
12. Chartreuse
13. Sharp dressed man
14. Legs
15. Tube snake boogie
16. La grange
17. Tush
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