Pretty Maids Maid in Japan - Future World Live 30 Anniversary 2020《BDMV 22.1G》

Name: Pretty Maids - Maid In Japan
Year: 2020
Genre: Music Videos, Concerts, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Quality: Blu-Ray, MPEG-2 Video, 1920x1080, NTSC 16:9, VBR, 29.970 fps
Duration: 02:39:04
Total Size:22.1 Gb
Audio:English, AC3, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch, 224 kb/s / AC3, 48.0 KHz, 6ch, 384 kb/s

Pretty Maids are still alive and kicking and offer a great new Live CD / DVD and Blu Ray package to the hungry fans! This time and to make it special, the Danish Rockers offer a full back-to-back performance of their classic album “Future World”, originally released in 1987, the first major breakthrough release for Pretty Maids in the metal community and the band's biggest selling album up until this day.
In 2017 Pretty Maids decided to finally go out an play the album in its entirety to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the release.

Originally the whole show held in the summer of 2018 at the Bang Your Head festival in Ballingen, Germany was recorded. However the band decided it was not up to their own standards so they decided to record and film the whole thing again in Tokyo, Japan where the band was set to play the Future World album on two nights in November that same year.

"After all the decision to record it in Japan was kind of obvious since Japan has been one of our strongest markets since the eighties by all means, and we never filmed any live stuff there” says singer Ronnie Atkins "I remember both the concert we did while being there as absolutely great fun with a very loud and enthusiastic crowd. I mean its always a pleasure performing in Japan since it’s a fantastic and very dedicated audience, always have been. And so it was on those two nights in november 2018."

The band is not planning at the moment to play again the Future World album in entirety, so this is a very special release which all the Pretty Maids fans should own!

Tracklisting Blu-Ray:
1. Fw30 (Intro)
2. Future World
3. We Came To Rock
4. Love Games
5. Yellow Rain
6. Loud ´N´proud
7. Rodeo
8. Needles In The Dark
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Long Way To Go
11. Mother Of All Lies
12. Kingmaker
13. Bull’s Eye
14. Little Drops Of Heaven
15. Sin-Decade

Bonus on Blu-Ray:
- The videos:
Little Drops Of Heaven
Mother Of All Lies
Nuclear Boomerang
My Soul To Take
A Heart Without A Home
Face The World
Bull’s Eye
Last Beauty On Earth
Will You Still Kiss Me (When I See You In Heaven)
- Balingen Documentary
- Japan Documentary

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