Larry Carlton & Robben Ford - Autour Du Blues 2009《BDMV 21G》

In late 2006, the New Morning presented an incredible meeting of legendary blues players specially flown in from Nashville & Tokyo, to live it up in Paris. As the climax of the club's 25th Anniversary Festival - and a birthday gift from the musicians - this Franco-American guitar summit brought together for the first time the members of Autour du Blues (the cream of France's top studio musicians) and two of America's most brilliant guitar heroes, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford.

The show was a smash success with the people of Paris. It took the enthusiasm and generous friendship of these musicians to make this memorable get-together happen at the New Morning - the club where you come to hear and to play the music you like with the people you like. All aboard, then, for this trip 'Round About the Blues? (Autour du Blues) ? with Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Francis Cabrel, Denys Lable, Michael Jones, Patrick Verbeke and their friends, united - for once beyond show business constraints - to give back to the blues what it has always given them? A real treat to be sure!

Track list

1. Black Night
2. Got My Mojo Working
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Stormy Monday
5. Reconsider Baby
6. Ain't That Particular
7. You Gotta Move (Tu Dois Partir)
8. Down In Mississippi
9. Mama Talk To Your Daughter
10. Blackjack
11. Bad Bad Whiskey
12. A Change Is Gonna Come
13. She Belongs To Me

Features: So Fine, Hand In Hand With The Blues

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