Umphrey's McGee TourGigs Collection - Picking Up The Tab - The Tabernacle Atlanta GA December 28-31, 2012《BDMV 2BD 31.7G》

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TourGigs is proud to present Picking Up The Tab, the very best cuts from four nights and four massive shows performed by sonic giants Umphrey's McGee.

Eager Umphreaks packed the historic Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia as the band showcased their unique mastery of diverse sounds and styles. Arena-grade power rock? Check. Brendan's powerful vocals shine on performances of "Loose Ends" and the beloved classic "Hajimemashite." Sultry smooth jams? Check. Ryan Stasik's bass always brings the heat, and a highlight performance of "Comma Later" comes to life with the lush horn section that is Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret. Joel rocked every angle on the keys, from the soulful strut of his synth on "White Pickle" to the haunting intro that opens the band's performance of “Mantis.”

Speaking of covers, powerhouse drummer Kris Myers set the Tabernacle on fire with his no-holds-barred vocal assault on a fresh cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Wish." As always, Andy brought his elite percussion expertise into the fray. And Jake? Between his expressive acoustic work on "Water" and and his inspired shredding on "Higgins," Jake proved yet again that his technical mastery of all things guitar is peerless. Add in a visually stunning light show courtesy of Jefferson Waful and this five-and-a-half-plus-hour film is nothing short of transcendant. Captured in crystal clear High Definition and presented with immersive 5.1 surround sound, you'll feel like you're there.

It's going to be a wild ride, so hold on tight. Rage. Rest. Repeat.

Audio Options: 2.0 and 5.1 Surround

DVD/Blu-Ray includes Photo slideshow

Disc 1:

From 12/28/12:
Auf Wiedersehen >
Professor Wormbog
Phil's Farm >
Puppet String >
Phil's Farm

From 12/29/12:
1348 >
Day Nurse
The Linear >
Loose Ends

From 12/30/12:
Sweetness >
Uncle Wally
Bad Poker

Disc 2:

From 12/30/12:
Preamble >
Bright Lights, Big City >
Cocaine >
Bright Lights, Big City
Mantis >
Domino Theory
In The Kitchen >
Cut The Cable >
In The Kitchen

From 12/31/12:
Leave Me Las Vegas >
40's Theme >
Crucial Taunt
Much Obliged
White Pickle >
Dance Hall Days
Comma Later
The Triple Wide >
Auld Lang Syne >
Patyin' Peeps

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